Rise and Reign - JEG Studios

Rise & Reign is a medieval survival game inspired by ‘Rust’ and ‘Reign of Kings’. Harvest resources, hunt animals, and build structures in order to survive. Choose any path you can think of. Open a shop, become a bandit, offer your services as a killer, or become a nomadic musician. You can even become the king and tax the entire realm. What we wanted to do when we created Rise & Reign was to allow the player to do anything he or she thought of.

RaR is a multiplayer game and is most fun when played with a group of friends. Players can form clans and work together in order to achieve their goals. Solo players may struggle as they will be a target for the larger groups. Using our in-game voice and text chats, players can find other people to join up with.

The combat system is based around attacks, blocks, feints, and dodges. Block or dodge your enemies attacks and quickly counter-attack or feint your enemy into blocking and attack them while their guard is down. Once you have become established enough, you may want to begin clearing out your enemies’ encampments. Set up trebuchets to rain destruction down on their fortifications. Use explosives to clear doorways. If you are the one being attacked, counter the enemies siege equipment with your own. Sally out of your keep and fight a massive ground war on servers that can hold 50-100 people.

Rise & Reign is the ultimate medieval survival sandbox game. Forge your own path and choose your own fate.


Starting off with hardly anything, you will need to explore the island in order to gather resources. From chopping wood and mining, to hunting and collecting, materials are crucial for building your empire. Higher tier workbenches must be crafted in order to create higher tier items. Refinery stations such as furnaces are available for refining raw resources into materials for crafting. Rise and Reign is packed full of features that offer players a challenging medieval survival experience.


Rise and Reign’s first and third-person combat system throws players into an intense medieval environment. You can attack by either slashing, crushing or stabbing; some weapons only allow for certain methods of attack. With a unique limb-based health system inspired by ‘Reign of Kings’, there is no shortage of weapons you can use to attack and dismember your foes. Each limb has a set amount of health, and you can only kill your enemies by mercilessly chopping their limbs off. 


Once your enemies are dead, you can loot their corpses and take their gear. In addition to the melee system, players may also utilize ranged weapons such as bows. Crafting good armor is quintissential to holding your own, as the protection they provide may prove to be the difference between life and death.


Players may become king by controlling the throne. Once a player is king, they should work on fortifying the kings castle, which has become dilapidated over the years. Players may rule over their kingdoms by imposing a tax rate over the entire realm. The tax does not apply to members of the king’s clan. Being king gives you access to the unique royal armor, as well as to all the collected taxes. Many in the realm will try to usurp the throne and the king must be ready. 


Plunder the castles of your enemies for all their valuable loot. Depending on the blocks used in the enemy fortification, you may be able to break in with simple tools. If they built using either clay, cobblestone, or slab, siege weapons must be utilized. Traditional medieval siege equipment, such as the trebuchet, can be set up and aimed at the enemy fortification. Look out, the enemy may counter attack with their own siege equipment. Massive ground battles may also take place. The enemy may sally out and assault your warriors. Prepare!


Create a clan and invite your friends for reinforcements. Players may utilize voice chat and text chat in order to coordinate their groups. We make it clear who is in your clan to avoid unfortunate friendly fire. Players can use the hierarchy system within their clan’s menu to organize their members. Start out as a recruit within another clan or found your own with friends. Will your clan be the one to dominate the realm?


Get creative with your methods by capturing other players with either a rope or chain, allowing you to move them at will. Captured players will not be able to move on their own or access their inventories, except for any items in their orifice slot. Players are able to store a stone or iron knife here, which can be used to free or kill themselves depending on the quality of shackle used. Punish or execute captured players by using a multitude of medieval torture devices on them, such as the gallows and the pillory.


Venture into abandoned ruins from the past in search of unique armor, strange gunpowder weapons and common resources. Surrounded by a debilitating unknown plague, something seems amiss. The trace of all previous civilization has almost been entirely erased. You must be careful lingering around these places as if you are not careful, you may die.


Expand your medieval empire by building fortifications, production stations and refineries, as well as by claiming land. You have a multitude of blocks at your disposal, including thatch, wood, clay, cobblestone, and slab. Make sure you build a strong castle with high quality blocks as soon as possible or else you may be left in ruin. Your options are limitless, from serving the king as a vassal, to opening a humble shop, to building the largest structure in the land. So long as you can protect it, your kingdom is your own!